Sage 50 is a strange accounts system in a lot of ways. I don’t do very much in it these days but it keeps tripping me up and surprising me after nearly 20 years of development.

The other day I had to revisit an old bit of code that had stopped working in the latest version of Sage 2019 (V25). Looking at the code it looks as though we were using transaction type ‘SR’ to post unallocated receipts to account. A reasonable thing you might think but not in Sage accounts. Posting in this way results in an error
SR Transaction xxxxx has an unallocated amount.

‘SR’ can only be used for allocated receipts.

If you run the fix utility ‘Reset Transaction Status’ then it will change they transaction type to ‘SA’.

My suspicion is that the bookkeeper involved in the system has been running a fix for years without telling us. The only other possibility is that the SDO in previous versions was transforming an unallocated ‘SR’ into an ‘SA’.

Anyway solution is to post the transaction using ‘SA’